Under the rotary swivel - Cod. 430

Brand new under the rotary swivel for mud, water and air. Specifically built with inner passage 50 mm to be installed under the rotary of micropiling machines; to be used with mud, water and air. It is the right solution for the problem of the narrow spindle passage. Price on request.

Centrifugal water and mud pump - Cod. 454

Brand new electric-operated centrifugal pump for water and mud. CE certified. Max delivery 150 cubic meter/hour. Inlet connection: 4''. Outlet connection: 4''. Electric motor with 7,5 KW power. Pressure: 2,8- 3 bar. Excellent starting characteristics. Compact. Price on request.

Testina adduzione passaggio 60 mm - Cod. 456

Testina dduzione per aria, acqua, fango nuova di fabbrica con passaggio interno 60 mm. Boccola di usura su zona lavoro guarnizioni per una facile manutenzione e durata nel tempo. Attacco tubo ingresso superiore per ridurre al minimo le cadute di pressione. Guarnizioni in acciaio inox e carbografite idonee anche per lavoro ad aria con mancanza di lubrificazione e temperature elevate foro spia per verifica usura guarnizioni. Attacco inferiore 2'' 1(2 GAs + Chiave 75 per lo smontaggio.Prezzo su richiesta

Rotary head brand Puntel, model PX 609 - Cod. 458

N° 1 rotary head brand Puntel, model PX 609
Used and overhauled. Brand new bearings, Brand new gaskets, New hydraulic motors (Rexroth brand), New reductors, Brand new flushing head
technical characteristics:
100 lt/min oil, Pressure 240 bar, max speed 91 rpm and 500 kgm or max speed 180 rpm and 250 kgm
With more oil can reach 200 rpm
Used and overhauled, Ready to be installed and started.
Price on request

Second hand rods various diameters- Cod. 462

N°1 4 rods outer diametr 152 mm lenght 3000 mm
N° ° 29 rods outer diametr 100 mm lenght 3000 mm
N° 60 rods outer diameter 90 mm thread 2'' 3/8 IF lenght 2000 mm
N° 14 rods outer diameter 127 mm, lenght 3000 mm
N° 8 rods outer diameter 114 mm, lenght 1500 mm

Rotary head Boart Longyear model DB 520 - Cod- 464

N° 1 rotary head brand BOART LONGYEAR model DB 520.
Used and fully overhauled. New gears, new bearings, new gaskets.
N° 8 speeds. Max torque 480 kgm in 1st gear, Max speed up to 500 rpm in 8th speed. New floating spindle
Overhauled swivel, Under the rotary flange threaded 2'' 3/8 AR, Inner lubricating system overhauled, new hydraulic motor
Used, overhauled and repainted.
Price on request.

Double clamp passage 260 mm- Cod. 466

N° 10 brand new double clamp with max passage 260 mm; minimum passage 50 mm.
Built in Fe510 structural metal. Carpentry in high thickness in order to guarantee excellent characteristics. Outer piston diameter 105 mm, Piston rod diameter 60 mm, Lower blocking clamp; upper unscrewing clamp.
Rear flange complete with counteflange in order to install it on the mast
Anti rust treatment + poliurethanic coating- color to be defined.
Price on request.

Brand new clamp passage 220 mm - Cod. 468

Brand new double clamp with passage 220 mm, lower clamp fixed type, Upper clamp turning type, Complete with unscrewing cylinder, Complete with pad holders and pads
Immediately available
Price on request.

Double clamp ''type Casagrande'', passage 320 mm- Cod. 470

N°1 brand new clamp ideal for casagrande rigs. Passage 320 mm- effective passage 300 mm
Extremely strong
Lower clamp fixed type, Upper clamp able to rotate in order to unscrew pipes. Complete with pistons, pad holders, pads, unscrewing jack
Visible at our workshop, Immediately available
Price on request