Boart-Nenzi DB-540

Boart-Nenzi DB-540

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Boart-nenzi drilling rig, model DB540 on wheeled self-propelled merlo model Am 35 CE certified Weight class: 14 tons 4x4x4 wheeled self-propelled vehicle for moving around construction sites Drilling unit with auxiliary diesel engine, deutz brand, model F6L 912 Stroke for rods of length 3000 mm extension to handle pipes with a length of l = 6000 mm Maximum pull: 9 tons Rotation head with max torque 1050 kgm; 8 mechanical speeds. maximum speed 500 rpm Double vice with passage 300 mm Winch with maximum pull 3000 kg Triple borehole pump installed on the machine; max flow 200 lt / 1 ', pressure 50 bar