Radio controlled piling rig - Cod. 500

N° 1 piling rig fully radio-controlled. Brand New one. Main characteristics: Enlargable carriage from 1000 to 1500 mm. Lenght: 4300 mm. Slewing ring on the carriage. Max drilling depth 22 mt. Max diameter 800 mm. Rotary head with max torque 3000 kgm. Fuully radio controlled
Weight: 8500 kg. Mast height: from minimum 3300 mm - max drilling depth 10 mt max 4800 mm high - max drilling depth 22 mt. Price on request.

Soiltek S60 - Cod. 501

N° 1  piling rig make Soiltek, model S60, crawler mounted. Year of manufacture: 2009. Diesel engine make Perkins, power 112 hp. Fixed carriage. Max torque: 7000 kgm. Max depth: 26  mt
Mast can be divided in two pieces. 2nd drill string to be used with short mast; abkle to work below 4 mt high. Used and functioning. Very goodgeneral conditions. Price on request.

Piling rig Soilmec R 312-200 - Cod. 510

N° 1 Piling rig bmake MAIT, model HR 130. Year of manufacture: 2002.CE certified.Working hours: approx 6000. General conditions: very good. Diesel engine make Caterpillar, power 230 hp. Rod set: 10x5; max depth 46 mt. Max torque 15000 kgm. Max diameter: 2000 mm or more according to ground characteristics. Price on request.

Kelly bar KR'C with K101 - Cod. 520

N°1 kelly bar brand Casagrande model KR2C complete with K 101 power pack. Kelly bar year of manufacture: 1987. Fully reconditioned. Power pack K 101 year of manufacture: 2006.Never used. Max depth: 28 mt. With al the accessories. Price on request.


Trivelsonda TMT 30- Cod. 524

N° 1 piling rig, brand trivelsonda, model TMT 38 installed on special vehicle 2 axles, 4x4. Fully hydraulic rig. It has 2 diesel engine: - 1st for moving -2nd for the drilling unit, brand VM, model SUn 4105 T, power 120 hp, recently substituted. Max torque 6000 kgm. Rod set 35 mt long. General conditions: pretty good.


Piling rig Soilmec R 208 - Cod. 535

N° 1 piling rig, brand Soilmec model R 208. Year of manufacture: 1999. Working hours: approx. 8000. Good general conditions. Max torque 8000 kgm. Max depth: 35 mt. Price on request.

Trivelsonda TMT 46 su MAgirus - Cod. 553

N° 1 perforatrice per pali, marca trivelsonda, modello TMT 46 montata su Magirus 3 assi 6x6
Funzionamento completamente idraulico.. Coppia massima 8500 kgm. Profondità massima raggiungibile 42 mt. Condizioni generali: molto buone. Prezzo su richiesta.


IMT 802 - Cod. 569

N°1 drilling rig brand IMT, model 802 GS installed on IVECo 330.30 H truck, 3 axles 6x6. Max depth: 35 mt. Interlocking rods type. Max torque 8000 kgm. Max diameter 1000-1200 mm according to ground characteristics. General conditions: very good. Ready to work. Price on request.

IMT 805 C- Cod. 563

N°1 drilling rig, brand IMT model 805C installed on IVECO truck 4 axles. Year of manufacture: 1994. Diesel engine with max power 160 hp. Disel engine is silenced. Rotary head with max torque 8400 kgm@ 11-27 rpm max discharge rotation speed: 110 rpm. Pull down: 18000 kg. Max pull back: 32000 kg. Max depth: 35 mt. Max diameter: 1500 mm 8according to ground characteristics) Interlocking rod type. Used and functioning.Price on request.

Trivelsonda model TMT 46 - Cod. 571

N°1 piling rig brand Trivelsonda, model TMT 46, installed on excavator brand PMI. Year of manufacture: 1995. Max torque: 8500 kgm two rod sets:
- rod set lenght 15 mt
- rod set lenght 30 mt
Modular mast in order to install also the short rod set and use it in low places. Max diameter 1200 - 1500 mm General conditions: good. Price on request.



Trivelsonda TMT 38 - Cod. 567

N°1 piling rig, brand trivelsonda, model TMT 38 installed on Astra 3 axles truck, model BM 16T.
Drilling rig year of manufacture: 1989 Astra truck year of construction: ?
Max depth: 38 mt
Max torque: 8000 kgm
Max diameter: 1000-1200 mm according to ground characteristics. Used and functioning Price on request.



IMT 805 - Cod. 528

N° 1 Piling rig, brand IMT, model 805 on FIAT truck 3 axles, model 697. Fully hydraulically operated rig. Max torque: 6500 kgm. Max depth: 35 mt. Interlocking rod set
Max diameter 1000-1200 mm. Used and functionning. General conditions: pretty good.Price on request.

CMV Th 18 50 - Cod. 517

N°1 drilling rig, brand CMV, model TH 1850. Year of manufacture: 1998
Max torque: 18500 kgm
Max depth: 50 mt
Coppia massima 18500 kgm.N° 3 rod sets: 5x12 frictioned type, 4x12 blocking type, 10x3 (o 4) blocking type for casing diameter 2000 2200 mm. Engine: Cummins. Max drilling diameter 2000 mm.Very good general conditions.Immediately available.


Soilmec R312 HD - Cod. 558

N°1 piling rig brand Soilmec, model R312 HD. Year of manufactue: 2000.Working hours: approx. 5000.General conditions: good. Carriage shoes: 65%. Enhgine cummins: power 120 KW. Enlargable carriage: 2500 - 3600 mm. Max rorque 12000 kgm. Rod set, blocking type to reach 36 mt deep. Rod set, frictioned type for 36 mt deep (never used). Max hole diameter 1500 mm. Weight: 33800 kg.Price on requst

IMT 709 - Cod. 537

N° 1 piling rig, brand IMT, model 709 on FIAt 3 axles truck. Fully hydraulic rig. max torque 6500 kgm. Interlocking rod set. Max depth: 35 mt. Max diameter 1000-1200 mm according to ground characteristics. General conditions: good. Interesting price.

Soilmec R 208 - Cod. 559

N°1 drilling rig brand Soilmec, model R 208. Year of manufacture: 2000. Working hours: 4800. Engine: Deutz, power 83 KW. N°1 rod set lenght 32 mt, blocking type. N° 1 rod set 32 mt, frictioned type. Enlargagle carriage. Max drilling diameter: 1200 mm. Weight: 25500 kg. Used, functioning and ready to work. Price on request.


Trivelsonda TMT 50 su cingolo - Cod. 573

N°1 piling rig, brand Trivelsonda, model TMT 50 crawler mounted. Rod set with max lenght 42 mt. Max torque 10000 kgm. Max diameter 1200- 1500 mm. General conditions: quite good. Price on request.



MAIT T80 - Cod. 564

N°1 drilling rig brand MAIT, model T80 installed on 2 axles vehicle 4x4. Year of manufacture: 1991. Vehicle engine brand VM, 6 cylinders, power 12 hp, Drilling unit engine brand VM, 6 cylinders, turbo charged, power 140 hp. Max torque 8000 kgm, Max drilling depth: 35mt, Max hole diameter: 1200 mm
Operating weight: approx 21000 kg. Used and functioning. Price on request