TECNIWELL TW 352 Cod. 605

N°1 jet grouting motor pump brand Tecniwell, model TW 352. Year of manufacture: 2006. Engine: SCANIA 6 cylinders, turbo charged, power 450 hp. Gearbox: ZF. General conditions: very good. With good maintenance. Ready to work.Visible at our workshop, immediately available.


Motopompa Wirth su telaio - Cod. 618

N° 1 motorpump make Wirth, duplex type installed on a skid. Pump duplex type: max delivery 2300 lt/min, pressure up to 60 bar. Engine: make deutz, 8 cyklinders, V shaped, air cooled; max power 250 hp. Complete with fuel tank, control panel, relief valve, mechanical transmission with pulleys and belts. Skid installed. Recently reconditioned Used and functioning. Approx weight: 9,7 tons. Price on request.

Soilmec 7T450 - Cod. 607

N°1 motopompa per Jet grouting, marca Soilmec, modello 7T-450 Anno di costruzione: 1997
Certificata CE Motore marca Mercedes, 8 cilindri a V, turbo, potenza 450 hp Cambio Mercedes Pistoni da 90 mm (3'' 1/2)La proponiamo usata, tutta controllata e manutenuta Pronta per lavorare.Prezzo su richiesta.


Metax MP 7 - Cod. 609

N°1 jet grouting motorpump, make Metax, model Mp7-680. Year of manufacture: 2007-2008. Diesel engine make Deutz, 8 cylinders, turbo charged, power 680 hp. Gearbox, make ZF, model Excosplit. mechanical handle to select speeds. We propose this pump with a liners size 101 mm. Max pressure 470 bar, max flowrate 450 lt/min, using a nozzle 4 smm. General conditions: very good. We are proposing this grouting pump fully maintained and ready to work. Price on request.

Portable screw pump hydraulically operated - Cod. 612

Brand new screw pump with hydraulic motor. Never used. Max delivery 300 lt/min, pressure 20 bar. With wheels to be moved into the working area. General conditions: excellent.

 Immediately available. Price on request.


Metax JM 30 jet grouting mixing unit - Cod. 611

N°1 autommatic jet grouting mxing unit, make Metax, model JM 30. Year of manufacture: 2006
Prodution capacity: 30 m3/hour. Ideal for work with Metax MP7 jet grouting pump. Into a container approx weight: 6 tons. We are proposing it fully maintained and in ready to work conditions. Price on request.


Pompa Oilwell 4'' x 6'' - Cod. 621

N° 1 duplex pump brand Oilwell, model 4" x 6". Max delivery 430 lT7min, pressure 25-30 bar. Fully reconditioned. Fully reconditioned and ready to work. With hydraulic motor or bare shaft. Price on request.

Pompa bellin a vite - Cod. 624

N°1 screw pump make bellin, model NG 600 L/P with hydraulic motor. Max delivery 400 lt/min, pressure 25 bar. Nydraulic motor recently substituted. Excellent conditions. Ready to work. Price on request.

Pompa Gardner Denver 7'' 1/2 x 8'' - Cod. 639

Duplex mud pump brand GArdner denver, model 7" x1/2 x 8" skid mounted.Fully reconditioned.
Pump installed on a skid to realize a motorpump. Max delivery 2000 lt/min, pressure 17/20 bar. With pulley. Price on request.

Motopompa Ballerini D2C - Cod. 630

N° 1 motopompa marca Ballerini, modello D2C installata su camion 2 assi.Pompa Ballerini 7'' 1/2 x 10 ''; portata max 2260 lt/min  e pressione 21 bar a 80 battute/min.Portata da 800 a 985 lt/min, pressione 48 bar con camicie da 5''Motore VM modello 1306; 6 cilindri a V, potenza 180 hp.Trasmissione meccanica per mezzo di pulegge e cinghie Prezzo su richiesta.

Putzmeister BSA 801D - Cod. 634

N°1 Putzmeister, model BSA 801 d. Year of manufacture: 1997. CE certified. Diesel engine make Kubota 4 cylinders, power 22 KW, water cooled. Max delivery : 15 cubicmetr/h. Pressure: 50 bar used and functioning. Interesting price.Immediately available. Price on request.


Motopompa Frank Wheatley 6'' x 6'' - Cod. 642

Pompa duplex a pistoni marca Frank Wheatley, modello 6''x 6''; portata max 970 lt/min, pressione 20-30 bar- Motore diesel Vm 4 cilindri, raffreddato ad aria- trasmissione meccanica con pulegge e cinghie- frizione per attaccare e staccare il moto tra motore e pompaIl tutto su carrello con ruote completo di timone per la movimentazione in cantiere.Usata, revisionata e pronta per lavorare.

Soil Investigation motorpump Nenzi TP 90 - Cod. 655

Triplex soil investigation motorpump, brand Nenzi, model TP 90 on small trailer. Triplex soil investigation pump brand Nenzi; max delivery 90 lt/min, pressure 40 bar. Diesel engine brand Lombardini, without sound-proof coverage. Industrial clutch to connect and disconnect the pump during drilling operations. Everything installed on a small trailer to be moved into working area. We are proposing this motorpump, used, reconditioned and repainted. The group will be given in a ready to work state. Price on request.

Motopompa Oilwell 7'' 1/4 x 12'' - Cod. 659

N° 1 motorpump brand oilwell model 7'' 1/4 x 12'', skid mounted composed as follows. Engine brand GM, 6 cylinders, V shaped, water cooled. Industrial clutch. Mechanical transmission by means of Pulleys and belts. Accessories (control panel, diesel tank, accessories, relief valves etc...) Duplex mud pump brand Oilwell model 7'' 1/4 x 12'' with separated fluid ends. Max delivery 2200 lt7min at 40 bar, reducing the liner's size the pressure will consequently increase; with 1200 lt/min, pressure 75 bar. Used, fully reconditioned and never used after reconditioning.
Ready to work. Price on request.

TP200- Cod. 664

N° 1 motorpump brand Nenzi, model TP 200 with lombardini 2-cylinder diesel engine. Installed on a small trailer. Gearbox with 4 speeds brand benevelli. Clutch. New electric system. Complete with accessories (suction hosing, battery, relief valve, pressure gauge etc..)
Towing helm for movement into the working area. Triplex pump: max delivery 200 lt7min, pressure 35 bar. Used, reconditioned and repainted. Price on request.


Turbosol UNI 30 DMF - Cod. 633

N°1 turbosol, model UNI 30 DMF. Mono cylinder. Diesel engine power 10,5 KW max delivery: 30-50 lt/min, max pressure 45-50 bar: - Max height: 40-60 mt -Max distance: 150-200 mt -Max diameter 0-8 mm when pumping -Max diameter 0-6 mm when spraying - Max mixer tank capacity: 180 lt -Max buffer capacity: 190 lt. Approx weight: 1000 kg. Good general conditions. Immediately available. Price on request.

Pump gardner denver, modello 5''x 6'' - Cod. 653 

N°1 pump brand Gardner Denver, model 5'' x6''; max delivery 650 lt/min, pressure 20-25 bar.
reconditioned. Fluid end fully reconditioned: new valve seats, new liners, new rods, new gaskets, new spherevalves. Given in ready to work condition. Immediately available Price on request.


Duplex piston Pump Frank Wheatley 6x6- Cod. 623

N°1 duplex piston pump, make Frank-Wheatley with bare shaft. Used, fully reconditioned and repainted. Max delivery 970 lt/min, pressure 17-20 bar. Spherical valves have substituted previous mushroom valves. Fully overhauled in the power-end with new bearings, new bushings, new gaskets, oil substituted. Fully overhauled in the fluid-end side with complete substitution of all the elements: liners, pistons, piston gaskets, rods, valve seats, valve cages, spherical valves, piston gaskets, rod gaskets, etc..) It can be completed with the application of an hidraulic motor or installing a pulley for a mechanical transmission. Immediately available.
Visible at our workshop. Price on request.

Motopompa jetting Metax MP 7 - Cod. 603

N° 1 motopompa Jetting marca metax, modello MP 7Anno di costruzione: ottobre 2009Ore lavorate: ca. 3000Motore Caterpillar, potenza 720 hpGruppo containerizzatoCondizioni generali: eccellentiBen tenuta e pronta per lavorarePeso approssimativo: 16 tonnellateTrattative in sede

Motor pump CLIVIO TP 300 - Cod. 650

N°1 Motor-pump, skid mounted composed as follows:
- electric motor, power 37 KW
- triplex soil investigation pump, model Tp 300; max delivery 300 lt/min, pressure 45-50 bar
- relief valve 0-60 bar
- pressure gauge 0-100 bar
- proportional distributor in order to vary pump speed from 0 to max stroke number
- lifting hook
- oil cooling system with 1,2 kw power. Used, reconditioned and repainted. Immediately available.
Price on request.

Soilmec 7T-450- Cod. 608

N°1 jet grouting motorpump, make Soilmec, model 7T-450
Brand new diesel engine make IVECO-AIFO, 6 cylinders, turbo charged with 476 hp, stage III
Gearbox, make Fueller Eaton with mechanical handle to select speeds.
Piston size 90 mm
Delivery 320 lt/min @500 bar continuus (550 bar intermittent)
General conditions: excellent.
Pump fully reconditioned both in the power end part end the fluid-end part.
Brand new diesel engine
We are proposing this jet grouting pump in ready to work conditions.
Visible at our workshop. Approx weight: 11, 11000 kg
Price on request.


Motorpump Tp 200- cod. 666

N°1 motorpump, model Tp 200 with silenced engine. Engine make hatz with sound-proof coverage.
Triplex soil investigation pump, model Tp 200; max delivery 200 lt/min, pressure 45 bar (max pressure 50 bar), Gearbox with 4 different gear ration
Accessories, Everything installed on a small trailer to be towed with the working area.
We are proposing it used and fully maintained in ready to work conditions
Price on request.