SOILMEC G 28 S - Cod. 348

N° 1 drilling rig, brand Soilmec model G 28 installed on Astra truck model BM 21.
Machien year of manufacture: 1995, truck year of manufacture: 1980, Max pull back force: 34 ton, Auxiliary engine with max power 300 hp, Single clamp. Winch, With 600 mt rods and accessories (reamesrs, stabilizers, heavy rods...)
Price on request.

Drilling rig installed on Magirus - Cod. 316

N°1 drilling rig installed on Magirus 2 axles 4x4.Truck engine make Deutz. Deck engine make Deutz, 6 cylinders, turbo charged, power 150 hp. Feed travel fitted for 6 mt long drill rods.
aAx pull back force: 10 tons, Rotary head with max torque 900 kgm, Double clamp with max passage 300 mm, Duplex piston mud pump make Ballerini: max delivery 600 lt/min, pressure 20 bar
On board piston compressor, max delivery 7000 lt/min, pressure 8,8bar
Hydraulic winch, Used and functioning, Immediately available
Price on request.

MAC 3 - Cod. 301

N°1 drilling rig model MAc 3 installed on FAIT 2 axles truck 4x4 with right -hand drive. Rig year of manufacture: 1994 Deck engine with 140 hp feed travel fitted for 3 mt long drill rods Max pull back force: 11 tons Rotary head with max torque 1200 kgm Rotary head lateral sliding movement Rotary head frontal tilting movement Blocking clamp + unscrewing hydraulic piston In line oiler Foam pump Water tank on board, capacity 500 lt Fitted to drill using both with air and mud immediately available Price on request




Comacchio MC 900GT - Cod. 307

N°1 drilling rig, make Comacchio, model Mc 900 GT
Year of manufacture: 2006
Approx. working hours: 6400
Crawler width: 2400 mm
Diesel engine make Deutz, power 152 hp (model BF 4M 1013 FC)
Mast with max pull line 15000 kg
Double rotary head (upper Comacchio CT 36D, lower Eurodrill RH 3200)
Rotary hedas with compensation movement of 300 mm
Lower rotary head max torque 2540 kgm
Upper rotary head max torque 720 kgm
Debris diverter installed under the rotary
Triple clamp with range 85-170 mm
Hydraulic winch with max pull line 2000 kg@ 1st layer
In-line oiler with capacity 8 lt
Water pump , max delivery 75 lt/min, pressure 60 bar
Duplex piston mud pump, make Cometria, model P2; max delivery 485 lt/min, pressure 28 bar ( I think bigger liners can be installed to get up to 600-650 lt/min with lower pressure 15-17 bar)
The rig comes with
N° 60 x 2000 mmx diameter 140 mm total 120 mt casings lest side thread
N° 60 x 2000 mm x diameter 88,9 mm, thread 2’’ 3/8 IF: total 120 mt rods
Rods’ and casings’ state is judged at 70%
Rods and casings are brand CGR
General conditions: very good
Price on request.

Ellettari Ek 200S with on board compressor - Cod. 310

N°1 drilling rig, make Ellettari, model Ek 200S.
Year of manufacture: 2007
CE certified
Current working hours: 205
General conditions: excellent.
Diesel enegine make VM, model SUN 6105 T intercooler, power 170 hp
Enlargeable carriage
Counter-mast to regulate mast vertical position; approx. stroke: 700 mm
Feed travel fitted for 3 mt long drill rods
Max pull back force: 7500 kg
Rotary head with max torque 750 kgm; 3 mechanical speeds.
Floating spindle inner passage 40 mm
Air-water-mud swivel with inner passage 40 mm
Double clamp with max passage 260 mm
Foam pump for clear water; max delivery 80 lt7min, pressure 50 bar
On board compressor, PTO type, make Atlas Copco. max delivery 10.000 lt/min, pressure 12 bar
hydraulic winch with max pull line 1700 kg @ first layer
Crawler control panel with distance cable
Positioning control panel on board
Drilling control panel on articulated arm
Immediately available
Price on request.

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