Teredo model Hydra 310

Teredo model Hydra 310

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N° 1 drilling rig, make Teredo model Hydra 310 chassis mounted

It can easily be installed on a truck in order to have a truck mounted drilling rig

Diesel engine 4 cylinder, turbo charged, air cooled, power 105 hp

Feed travel fitted for 3 mt long drill rods

Max pull back force 9 tons

Rotary head with max torque 1100 kgm; 2 speeds.

Max speed up to 120 rpm

Double clamp with max passage 280 mm

Duplex piston mud pump installed on board; max delivery 650 lt/1', pressure up to 26 bar

Foam pump/clear water pump: max delivery 50 lt/1', pressure up to 50 bar

Hydraulic winch with max pull line 2000 kg@ 1st layer

Fully controlled and repaired, serviced and maintained

Immediately available

Visible at our workshop

Price on request.


ModelloHydra 310